The system we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

From POS to back office to payments and beyond, we simplify and connect your operations so you can focus on your customers. We cover everything to run your store. Inventory management, special offers , and of course the easiest and most practical loyalty program on the market.

Monitor everything

From live orders to top-level business data, on one screen

Easy set up

Runs on Web, iOS, & Android

Optimal reliability with Offline Mode

Multilingual menus and invoices

Point Of Sale

Unlock smart retail data you can act on
Promotion and Special offers
Everything you need to process sales and get paid in one place
Loyalty management
Track end-of-day totals and seasonal trends with programmable sales reports

Inventory Management

Efficient purchasing that saves you time
Transfer and receive items between branches
Set reorder points so you never run out of stock
Order from multiple vendors with flexible purchase orders
Run inventory reports to track returns, negative quantities, unit costs and more

Customer Loyalty

Bring customers back again and again.Build your own Loyalty Program. It takes minutes to set up.

Centrally managed customer profiles.

Know your customers better with complete purchase history

Increase customer retention, run your own loyalty program, boost your sales