Unlimited companies, hierarchical levels, employees, pay period configurations and pay runs make the system boundless.

Create unlimited Earning, Deduction, Company Contribution, Fringe Benefit or Provision definitions.

Receive all the latest statutory updates regularly to ensure you’re always fully compliant.

Do net-up calculations of salaries and wages and net-pay splits between bank accounts.

Full history of every period is stored separately and can be recalled at any time.

Draw reports for a single company or consolidated reports for multiple companies.

Enjoy precise security up to field level.

Every action is recorded for detailed audit reports.

Your employees can:

Apply for leave

Manage their claims

Manage their own personal details like bank accounts and next-of-kin information

View current and previous payslips and tax certificates and print selected reports

Complete a performance review

Start a free-text workflow

Workflow processes are built into the system and provides for:

Scheduling of tasks

Notification of scheduled tasks on individual's list

Security access to allow certain users to initiate, execute and complete tasks

Logging and recording of workflow processes